Smith&Associates Tax Business, LLC Has Joined with ADP® to Offer Additional Payroll and Payroll Tax Solutions

Working together with ADP, Smith&Associates Tax Business, LLC will help you:

Make It Easy To Pay Employees

✓ Dedicated payroll specialists help ensure accuracy - every payroll

✓ Flexible payment options available - direct deposit, paper checks or pay card

✓ Instant previews of payroll liability and cash required for funds to be withdrawn – manage smarter by knowing your payroll liability before your payroll is finalized

Meet Payroll Tax and Compliance Challenges

✓ Automated federal, state and local payroll tax management

✓ Convenient State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) management – deposit and file SUI taxes on your behalf

✓ New hire reporting helps you stay in compliance with state reporting obligations and helps protect you from penalties

Meet Your Employee’s Needs With Comprehensive Services

✓ Eliminate large, upfront premium payments with ADP’s Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program for Workers’ Compensation*

✓ With an ADP retirement plan solution, your clients can maximize their tax savings while providing an attractive benefit to their employees. Our retirement product offerings include 401(k) plans and SIMPLE IRAs**

✓ Unlimited access to a team of HR professionals, state and federal compliance database, job description wizard, customizable employee handbook and more

Payroll that is easy, accurate and affordable

You can rely on ADP, a company with over 60 years of expertise that pays one in six U.S. employees. With ADP’s payroll solution as our back office processing engine, we can continue to help you increase your productivity, control your costs and maximize your savings – so you can get back to business.  For more information, please call us or use our Contact page.

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